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Rooter Services

Lethbridge Rooter Services

You probably don’t think about your home or business’s plumbing until there’s a problem with it. By in large, home and business owners in Lethbridge commonly struggle with the ever-annoying drain clog. These can be particularly frustrating because it’s often such a gradual process of the water draining slower and slower until eventually it doesn’t drain at all. Then you’re left with a basin full of dirty water that can’t be disposed of easily. What are you supposed to do when your drains get clogged?

When water won’t go down the drain pipes, you can always call (403) 320-5656 and get LA Trenchless on the case. Whether it’s the drains in the kitchen, bathroom, basement or elsewhere in your home or business, LA Trenchless has unclogged more Lethbridge drains in our many years of experience and our company has become synonymous with providing excellent service in critical times of need.

If you need a drain unclogged quick, please call (403) 320-5656 to speak to one our representatives today and receive a free quote on our top-rated and widely recommended rooter services.

What are Rooter Services?

A “rooter” has become a generic name for a drain cleaning machine. The term was born because the first rooter was invented for the specific purpose of clearing clogged drains that were restricted by tree roots that had wrapped themselves so tightly around the sewer pipes and stopped them from functioning.

Today, rooting has developed to tackle clogs of any kind. Whether it’s rusty pipes, a sediment buildup, a root infiltration or just too much waste that hasn’t washed away, each drain cleaning job poses its own unique set of circumstances and challenges. That’s why having a professional on-hand to help get rid of the clog once and for all is such an important asset.

There are many different cutters, accessories and tools we can use to remove the blockage, the the key is knowing how to match the right cutter or tool to the task at hand. The basic arrow head, boring gimlet or auger heads often is all that needs to be done to get the water flowing again, but we are also well-versed in applying root cutter heads and hydro jet technology to make sure that your drain pipes are as clean as can be.

Our course of action varies depending on your home and business’s plumbing. There is no catch-all cure for clogged drains, which is why a professional with a pocket full of solutions is always your best bet.

Rooter Services vs. Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you think that you are better off using a chemical drain cleaner to get rid of your clogs, stop right there. Chemical drain cleaners use highly corrosive materials that typically don’t succeed in fully getting rid of the blockage. What they do well is put an enormous amount of strain on your pipes and damage the environment.

For a safer option, both for the planet and for your home’s infrastructure, contact us today.