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Camera Inspection

Medicine Hat Camera Inspection Services

Whenever you face obstacles in life, it is always important to know what you’re up against. Once you know the challenge, planning your strategy accordingly becomes easy. And this is no different when you face a problem with your home or business’s plumbing.

Plumbing is one of those things that we tend to take for granted. Only when it stops working do we truly appreciate how much we depend on it. When water stops flowing freely down the drain pipes, it might not be just a simple clog, but a problem with your main sewer line. Of course, you need to know what the problem is if it’s ever going to get fixed. That’s where we come in.

LA Trenchless has been serving Medicine Hat home and business owners for many years. We have become the top choice for any home or business owners experiencing difficulties with their drains because we have state-of-the-art cameras to carry out the necessary inspections that help regular Medicine Hat area residents like yourself make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Above all else, we value your satisfaction, which why we always provide thorough and honest analysis to get the results you want, which boils down to a job well done.

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What Is a Drain Camera?

A drain camera is a video lens on the end of a strong, waterproof cable. It’s not unlike an eyeball on the end of a stick. It is generally sent down any drain that is two inches in diameter or more, although it can work on smaller drains if need be.

These are some of the most important tools in modern plumbing, but they do have their limitations. For example, if the pipe is full of dirty water, visibility will be low even with the highest resolution cameras. That is why you should try to resist to run any water before the arranged camera inspection in order to give debris time to settle.

How a Camera Inspection Works

First, we should note that every camera inspection has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges we need to adapt to. But the general process begins with opening the drain closest to the blockage, running a snake down to make sure the camera can go through, then feeding the camera in. We will then diagnose the problem with your home or business’s plumbing.

Some of the most common issues we typically encounter include:

  • Offsets in the joints between pipes
  • Invasion of pipes by tree roots
  • Areas of pipes that have been crushed or bent
  • Corrosion on the inner surface of the pipe

Whenever you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your home or business’s plumbing, LA Trenchless will be there to help. Just call (403) 320-5656, describe your issue and we’ll be there in no time with our state-of-the-art camera inspection services.